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FREE DATE with ANY of our ladies in exchange for their direct contact info (up to $5,000 value).

Why pay thousands of dollars for a date if you can get it FREE of charge? Any model employed by us, anytime, 8 hours 100% FREE! All you have to do is to ask the girl to provide you with her direct contact info. Then send it to us by text message right away or within 15 minutes after the girl leaves and receive FULL refund! In addition you will automatically qualify to become our secret shopper and receive specials and at least 50% discount for the future orders. This offer is available for new and regular customers.

Offer details and FAQ:

At Prestigious Miami Escorts our goal is to turn new customers into long term regular clients, to meet and exceed high expectations of the most discriminating clientele so they would not even think about calling any other service. Since 2008, nine new customers out of ten became our friends and used our services more than once! Why? Is it because we have the best looking girls? No! Even the most beautiful girls can make you very unhappy by making hidden charges when even a smile will cost you extra, poison you, steal your valuables, embarrass, blackmail you, etc. Then why did thousands of of the most discriminating gentlemen and couples including hundreds of celebrities and CEOs of fortune 500 companies chose us as an exclusive provider in South Florida? We are NOT like most of other agencies who just dispatch independent escorts for more money and have no control over them. We do our job and this is why our clientele always enjoys spending time with escort girls that we chose to work with.

Prestigious Miami Escorts, first known as Elite Miami Escorts was established in December 1999 by internet marketing experts and now consists of over 1,000 high traffic websites. Based on amount of websites owned and traffic that they receive, Elite Escort Service is considered #1 in the United States!

The most beautiful girls in the industry are always looking for the best agency to work for, the agency where they will always be busy and make lots of money. Our top models make over $50,000 a month, others have guaranteed income of at least $20,000 a month. No other agency in the United States can guarantee such income to their models. At Prestigious Miami Escorts we receive over 300 employment applications a months and only interview about ten the most beautiful escort girls, from which we will only hire one or two models that we believe that our clients will enjoy spending time with.

For every new model we provide complimentary accommodations in one out of ten the most expensive condos in Miami as well as many benefits that even fortune 100 companies can not provide to their executives. All new models must live in our residence during first two months of employment, which allows us to train them on a daily basis in addition to eight hour educational training program that our models must complete before they can begin to see our clientele.

We don't just dispatch calls, we work very hard to train and maintain our models so they would provide spectacular services to our clientele! If you will ever receive less than spectacular service from our models - it is our fault! Let us know right away or within 20 minutes after the girl leaves to receive full or partial refund.

While there are so many loyal and amazing escort girls who love to work for us, girls who appreciate honesty, hard work and the good things that we do for them, some of them want to cheat and steel.

Help us to find the thieves among our models and we will reward you with a FREE 8 hour date! In addition, you will receive huge discount for future appointments with other models.

How to report it?

  • Make an appointment with a model of your choice and pay for the services as usual.

  • Ask the girl to provide you with her direct contact info. If she does, just send it to us by text message either right away or within 15 minutes after the girl leaves. DO NOT tell the girl that you reported her contact info.

How to get reward?

  • If model's direct contact info matches the info that we have on file, we will approve FREE eight hour date right away! DO NOT tell anything about it to the girl. We will give you instructions by text message how to make it look like you actually paid for additional time so the girl will continue to provide services as usual and so you can enjoy every minute of your date. You will also receive 100% refund for the money that you already paid to meet that model. In addition, you will receive huge discounts for future orders.

  • If model's direct contact info that you reported is different from the one that we have on file, we will give you FREE date within 48 hours and send you all instructions by text message. If by any reason we would be unable to confirm that contact info that you reported belongs to our model, we will ask you to book her directly using the contact info that she provided and we will pay for your one hour date with her! DO NOT tell anything about it to the girl. Then you can book a date with the same model through us and get an additional 8 hour date 100% FREE! We will give you instructions how to make it look like you actually paying for the date so our model will provide you with services as usual.

What would happen to the model if client reports her direct contact info? Nothing, she just going to spend at least 8 hours with you at no cost to you. According to the terms and conditions of employment with our agency, the girls may not provide any type of direct contact info to our customers. These rules were discussed with our models during eight hour educational training program that our escort girls must complete before they can begin to see our clients. These are the rules that our models agreed to follow in order to work for our agency. Why should you pay thousands of dollars for a date when you can get it for 100% FREE.

Girls are getting very well paid for dating you! Would you like to get paid for dating our girls instead? Once you report direct contact info of our model, we will offer you to become our secret shopper. Depending on level of information that you will be willing to provide us, you will receive at least 50% discount for the first hour appointment with every new model or in some cases even get paid for your date!



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